LED NFC Fan – LED Fan with NFC Function

IFUN launched the LED NFC fan, which is the upgraded version of the programmable LED fan. The LED NFC fan performance is more stable, long life, large winds, ultra-quiet; Our LED fan have the most important upgrade: change the traditional way of input flashing words through the computer, you can enter the content through the APP in your mobile phone now, and directly edit the flash word content as you like.

IFUN led NFC fan
LED NFC fan features:
1. NFC function, just download the APP and modify the flash content on the fan at any time, fast and simple.
2.LED light color: you can choose a variety of light color effects, such as red, blue, green and so on
3. Flash content: you can edit the content you want, we support English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other languages
4. LED fan’s body part color can be customized, you can also choose conventional colors, such as red, blue, green, etc.
5. The flash content can be unlimited editing, unlimited use of the number of times.
6. Our LED fan can be customized according to your requirements, the conventional use of packaging is neutral box.
LED NFC fan can be used for shopping malls, real estate, schools, hotels and other summer advertising promotion purposes, we can according to your request to print your exclusive LOGO; The number of orders more than 3000 can be printed 1 color LOGO for free. Our LED fan leaves are made of PVC soft leaves, which can be very good to protect the body from scratched. It will not affect people when the flashing fan running, powerful wind.
LED NFC fan operation tips:
Step 1. Open the Android phone NFC function
Step 2. Download and install our designated APP
Step 3. Run APP, if the software prompts to update, please install the latest software
Step 4. Select your local language and enter the flash content you want to display
Step 5. After the text is generated, put the phone near the head of the fan for 3 to 5 seconds, you will see “Write Success” on your phone screen.
If you want to learn more about LED fan products, please visit our LED fan catalog for the latest product information. You can also send an e-mail to sales@ifunledwristbands.com, we will soon reply to you.