USB LED Fan – LED Fan with Programmable Function

USB LED fan is a very small but can flash words, if you own it, your summer will no longer have trouble.


In summer, when you sit next to the computer, open the familiar music, it seems need something else when enjoy the music at the same time, yes, is a cool USB LED fan which can bring the breeze, if it can show the content you would like, is it that feel more wonderful?

IFUN electronics provides different LED fans, they have a stylish look, as if a elf which can make you feel cool experience.

Colorful LED fan

Let IFUN to tell you how to use the USB LED programmable fan. First of all, you need to use a dedicated data cable to connect the computer with the interface on the USB LED fan; Open the software we provide for you, and enter the text or pattern you want. Our USB LED fan support different languages, such as English, German, Korean, Japanese, etc., the flashing content can be generated after input, convenient and quick. LED fan shell color can be customized, the conventional color is white, you can choose other colors if you like; General, our LED fan light color has red, blue, green three light colors, which can also be customized, just tell us your needs.

USB programmable fan

USB LED fan features:

  1. Use strong small motor, strong wind, low noise
  2. Can be bent, any change in shape, you can put it in any position
  3. LED fan blades with soft leaves, good protect the human body from hurt
  4. Flashing content can be arbitrarily changed, free to change the text or patterns as you like
  5. USBLED fan has different display effects, according to the need of you
  6. LED fan shell color selection is diversity, you can even customize the lovers fan

If you want to learn more IFUN USB LED fan, please contact us, looking forward to establish long-term cooperation with you, thanks!